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The 411 on Smart Plugs & Why You Need One

Looking for simple ways to make your home life easier? A smart plug can help do just that. With the variety of shapes, sizes and features, we have more options than ever before.

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What is a smart plug?

A smart plug is the barrier between your ordinary outlet and the device you are plugging into that outlet. For example, rather than plugging your straightener into the wall, you would plug it into your smart plug, which offers more control than an ordinary outlet.

For those looking to delve into home automation, the smart plug is a great way to start. It offers easy setup and control options and they can be connected to your other smart devices. Check out last week’s post on the top smart home gadgets if you are looking for additional smart devices.


Smart plugs offer a lot of extra benefits to a traditional outlet that can help you save time and money, add security to your home and more.


First and foremost, smart plugs allow you to put your devices on a schedule. This means that if you are out of town for a weekend, you can still setup your lights to go on and off at scheduled intervals to create the appearance that you are home.

It also means you can avoid any doubt when you leave your house that you may have forgotten to turn off your coffee maker or hair curler, which can help you avoid a possible fire and gives you peace of mind.


The scheduling automation also help streamline your daily routine. You can have your coffee maker and toaster set to turn on at a certain time, so you wake up to a fresh cup of joe and some toast. Then have your hair curler start heating up while you’re enjoying your breakfast. It’s a quick way to start your day, leaving you with valuable extra time and maybe a few more minutes in bed.

Cost Effective

Smart plugs can also help you save money by managing the energy use in your home. We have a variety of temperature control devise in our homes, like fans, air conditioning, radiators, etc. Being able to manage their functionality to exact times allows you to save as much as possible on energy when you don’t need it. One thing to consider is that these large devices tend to use a lot of power, so you will want to ensure you have the correct smart plug to manage it all.

You can also manage your lighting, which is something others often forget to be concerned about. Leaving lights on while you’re gone all day or overnight is an unnecessary expense and a smart plug could help you avoid that.

Sold on getting a smart plug, but not sure which one? Visit PC Mag’s in-depth post comparing the top models and which to buy for your specific needs.

For all the times you aren’t in your smart home, download WiFi Map to stay connected on the go!

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