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Can WiFi Be Hacked and Why better to use VPN

WiFi is radio waves that let you get connected to the internet. A WiFi connection is set up using a wireless connector to create hotspot zones in the region of a wireless router. It enables clients to access internet services. WiFi connection has made our life extremely convenient. Today, every individual whether young or adult has access to a WiFi connection. During traditional times, one had to go through the hassle of installing a phone line and lots of extended cable wires to use the internet. Times have changed, wireless devices have taken over the world!

Why WiFi devices can get hacked easily

Having a WiFi connection does not necessarily mean that it is secured from unauthorized access or even freeloaders. WiFi devices can get hacked easily, there is no 100% assurance that your WiFi connection is safe from freeloaders, and all the hackers trying to take the data through a hacked hotspot. The first step to prevent a hack from happening is by making a password so difficult that unauthorized persons or hackers do not have the authority to access your personal or corporate internet connection. For your home connection, you can set the encryption. Without encryption, the traffic on a WiFi system can be caught and analyzed by everybody within the range of the system. Switch your connection to WPA2 and use an unpredictable password. You can also reduce the signal range to just cover your rooms only. These are a few preventative measures that one can adapt to save their WiFi from getting hacked.

If the WiFi system is hacked

Once your WiFi system is hacked, the hackers can observe all the bytes being sent and received to and from your personal devices unless you encrypt that information using the HTTPS protocol. When the device gets hacked, the router will trick the PC into downloading a malicious duplicate of the software instead of the correct software. A corrupted router may do nothing to its proprietor other than hinder the Internet connection. In case the devices (connected to hacked internet connection) are sharing personal or business records, those records can be available to the attacker as well. Moreover, individuals who may not know that their system is hacked may use malicious DNS servers thinking they are at the site when they are truly observing a scam duplicate of it. No matter what firewall or password you keep, it is pointless once your WiFi router gets hacked!

How to prevent from getting hacked? The most effective and prescribed safety effort, in any case, is a VPN that encodes all information traffic passed through the network. A VPN shields you from unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots nearby. Setting up the administration on your router also extends safety to all gadgets, including cell phones, smart TVs, and other gaming devices.

Now the question is, what is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to make a safe virtual passage through the Internet to another system or gadget (can be anywhere in the world). If you get to the Internet from this virtual passage, it is hard for anybody – including your ISP – to snoop on your internet activities.VPNs likewise help you hide your location anywhere on the planet and unlock topographically confined services. A VPN ensures the confidentiality and trustworthiness of messages as it goes over the public Internet and keeps your router secure 99% of the time.

Initially, VPN was a luxury only large firms could afford. However, times have changed, now anyone can purchase their very own VPN service. An individual VPN is one of the greatest barriers you can toss at a professional hacker. Encrypted data makes the hacker vulnerable. It has the capacity to anonymize your actual location with a proxy IP address and can likewise set up encryption to ensure your network traffic. You can buy individual VPN administration for as low as $10 every month.

Take the individual VPN

In case your individual VPN administration supports at the router level,  this would be the most ideal approach to implement an individual VPN, as it enables you to encode all traffic entering and leaving your system without the issue of setting up VPN customer programming on your PCs. Using the individual VPN administration at the router level, additionally, removes the encryption procedure trouble from your customer PCs and different gadgets.

VPN also provides protection against public WiFi. It is very hard to determine which WiFi network is secured and which isn’t. Surely, you can avoid systems that don’t require a secret password, but that is still not an assurance that your information is secured or not. Therefore, using a VPN at all times implies you won’t face such tremendous security dangers.

Stop worrying and start working

Just another one of the days, just another data breach! Stop worrying and start working. Save yourself from accessing sensitive data while using a public WiFi network. Using Facebook and Instagram is one thing, you should hold off on signing in to any banking sites until you’re on a private system. Undoubtedly abstain from buying or doing whatever that expects you to enter your credit card information. Be smart, save yourself from the risk of snoops and hackers, and make your life easier. 

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